Home Care

Home Care
Encouraging you to maintain your independence

Providing skilled care in a client’s home

Woodlands Home Care provides skilled care in the client’s home according to written orders from a physician. The care is provided on an intermittent basis, which allows an individual to recuperate from an illness or surgery in the comfort of their own home.

Woodlands Home Care’s goal is to teach you how to care for yourself, how to manage your illness, while encouraging you to maintain your independence. Woodlands Home Care is committed to providing services that ensure clients attain positive clinical outcomes in order to achieve their highest level of indepenence.
Staff members work closely with your doctor to develop an individual plan of care to fit your needs. A skilled staff of registered nurses, home health aides, physical, speech, and occupational therapists provide the care in your home.

Woodlands Homecare has been consistently found compliant with all applicable Medicare Program requirements, in no small part to the “significant effort on the part of their administration and staff.” This alone is an accomplishment the entire Woodlands staff is justifiably proud of. Woodlands HomeCare also accepts a wide variety of insurance providers, and were recognized by Medicare as an exemplary provider.
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